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Welcome to my new daily blog.  I am excited to share my heart with you and think together about issues of life and how we as followers of Jesus integrate the truth of Scripture into our daily experiences.  I have given my blog the title His-Story because I am convinced that God is sovereignly behind every event in history, certainly not in the same way when it comes to good and evil (we’ll be discussing that in detail in the weeks to come) but in his governance of history that is progressing according to his plan that is working “…everything in conformity with the  purposes of his will…”.  Thus, history is really His-Story.  This is not an original title, but one that faithfully represents my heart as I understand the Bible.  God is God of history, thus history is His-Story.

I am inaugurating my blog in conjunction with a prayer campaign at Harvest Church, which we have titled 40 Days of Prayer.  This is a concerted effort to enlist 20 people per day to pray for the ministry of Harvest for 40 days.  Of special emphasis is the Youth Pastor search process.  Our Elder Leadership Team believes that the next several months will provide an exciting opportunity for us to take a strategic step forward in reaching and discipling our children, youth and young adults as we welcome our next Youth Pastor, but we also recognize that we are dependent on God to guide us in this process.  We also believe that we are on the precipice of great spiritual growth in the ministry of Harvest as a whole.  Therefore, we are asking our congregation to join us in a 40 Days of Prayer campaign as we move forward in as a congregation.

Each day of these 40 Days, I will be sharing a devotional thought on prayer and then giving some suggestions of items for us to pray abut during our time of prayer each day.  While this 40 Day campaign is specifically for Harvesters, those of you from other churches are certainly welcome to make the adjustment of the concepts and apply them to your own ministry environment

-Pastor Scott

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